March 10. 2014

Dear Hashers,

Welcome to the 19th World Interhash 2014 Hainan, China!

This will be our last message prior to the Grand Opening on 14th Friday, 2014. We wish all of you a safe and pleasant trip to China.

Please note our Programme as posted as well as the choices of Hash Run Sites also as posted in this website..

Also note that the Main Venue is the HAIKOU EXHIBITION & CONVENTION CENTER, 258 Bin Hai Avenue, Haikou and the Party Venue is CENTURY SQUARE only 2.8 km away, both down town.

Whilst we acknowledge that our communications were not up to mark, please refer to our Enquiry Counters and Notice Board at the Main Venue for all latest information and activities. Your cooperation is appreciated.

Have a safe trip and God Bless,

On On,
Interhash 2014 Committee.

Great News !!

 Online Transport Link is ready to go!

The 2014 Interhash Transportation Services Team has arranged an online registration link that will provide a convenient place for registered participants to enter their flight details. Shuttle busses will be assigned Pick Up and Drop Off accordingly.

Please go to this link to enter your flight details:


Hainan Interhash

22nd Feb 2014

Hash Act at 15th March 2014

The Interhash 2014 Committee would like to invite all Hashers/Chapters to submit their Hash Act confirmation to, who is the Hash Act Coordinator.

Your active participations will be greatly appreciated and will help make Interhash 2014 a great sucess.  

Please indicate the rough idea of what the act is about (this is for us to ensure that there is no breach to local laws and requirements) and the duration of time it will take to enable us to schedule the evening programme smoothly.

On On

Interhash 2014 Committee


21st Feb 2014

News Update!

Hash Bazaar - Booth Space Rental at Main Venue (Haikou Convention & Exhibition Center)

To all interested parties, please be informed that Hash Bazaar Booth Space is now available for rental at USD120 per booth for the duration from 12th to 16th March 2014. This Hash Bazaar is located at the Main Venue where the Registration/Daily Run Site Pick Up Point/Red Dress Run Assembly/Hash Bazaar/Meetings Venue is held
Down load Hash Bazaar registraion form

All interested parties please contact:

On On

Interhash 2014 Committee


Feb 10 2014

News Update

Absent Participants and Goodie Bag - Procedure to Note

For Hashers who cannot make it and want to collect their goodie bag, please produce an Authorisation Letter and Proof of Payment before we can release the goodies. However, no Identification Tag/Pass will be issued.

On On

Interhash 2014 Committee


Important - VISA Reminder!

Please be reminded that you need a VISA to enter China. Please apply your entry VISA in advance from your own country or from any country convenient. Although there is "VISA on arrival" facility at the Haikou Airport, often, it is not open and any application is not guaranteed.

So please be safe by applying your entry VISA in advance.

2014 Interhash Committe




After careful consideration, the 2014 Interhash Committee has decided to change the main venue from Mission Hill Golf & Country Resort to the following location below. The primary reasons are costing, travel times and the bulk of participants staying in the city:

For Registration/Hash Bazaar/Bus Pick Up site daily/Meetings Venue/Red Dress Run assembly point

For Friday, Saturday & Sunday's Dinner & Party.

A Google sketch plan marking the main venue and party venue including locations of hotels will be uploaded soon. There will be bus shuttle service from Main Venue to Party Venue on Friday. For Run days of Saturday and Sunday, the bus pick up will be from the Main Venue and the bus will drop participants at the Party Venue directly after the runs.

For those who had booked at the Mission Hills Resort, the appointed travel agency, The Hainan Travel Service International Co. Ltd. will communicate with you through e-mail and offer to you the choices of Hotels downtown and will refund any differences in pricings.

We regret for this change but it was necessary, after taking-in all considerations and issues. Please be assured that the 2014 Interhash Committee is doing our utmost best in the interest of all 2014 Interhash participants. Other updates on Run Sites will be posted very soon.
Any inconveniences caused is regretted.

Thank you,

On On

2014 Interhash Committee

Hainan Interhash 2014 Rego On Sales


Dear Hashers,

Below are the members of the Rego On Sales group. Please contact them directly.


Please note:

  • The 2014  InterHash Committee is not in any way responsible for these transactions.
  •  All Rego transfers must follow the Transfer of Registration Policies and Procedures



Hainan interhash 2014 Committee

Dear Hasher,


Transfer of Registration Policies and Procedures

The final transfer of registration deadline is February, 28, 2014. This is to allow us time to reply with an e-mail confirmation. You will still need to bring these forms when you register at our registration center in Haikou.
Please click on the Transfer of Registration link to find the necessary forms  

Please submit the necessary Transfer Forms to

Transfer of Registration requirements and procedures:

1. Official Transfer Form must be submitted and received by the IH Committee.
2. Transfer Form must be fully completed, duly signed and readable.
3. The completed Transfer Form must be accompanied by the required documents as stated.
( Rego Confirmation Slip or Payment receipt ).
4. Any outstanding balances due from the transfer-giver is the responsiblity of the transfer-revceiver
5. The Original Transfer Form must be submitted at time of registration with a copy of the confirmation e-mail..
6. Upon receipt of the completed form, the IH Committee will acknowledge and process the transfer and register the new participant after deleting the transfer-giver name.
7. The IH 2014 Committee reserves the right to reject any transfer where there are disputes, outstanding or invalid forms of documentation.

On On
Interhash 2014 Committee.

19th Oct 2013

Dear Hasher:

All green lights received.

We are glad to inform that we had just received official written approval from the relevant Hainan Authorities for us to proceed with the organising of the Interhash 2014 Hainan, China.

Henceforth the local government authorities will work with and support our organising committee in many aspects of the Interhash 2014.

Regarding the Hotel listings, regret we did not post any update on 23rd August as mentioned, but the listing actually had been updated which includes the main venue rooms as indicated. Please make your hotel booking with the nominated official Travel Agent and not directly with the hotels. The rates we had negotiated are to the best interest of all Hashers.

Please refer to the tentative Interhash 2014 Programme and be guided. We do not expect any major changes.

Regarding Bus Schedule and Shuttle services. Please be informed that we will do a A to B and B to A Schedule i.e.(A = Main Pick-up point which is City Convention Center to B = Interhash Main Venue @ Mission Hills and return). Nominated Hotels along the schedule route will be able to enjoy pick up and drop off services. The Bus Schedule and Route Map will be posted very soon.

On on

Hainan interhash 2014 Committee

13th August 2013

Dear Hasher:

The committee of Hainaninterhash 2014 announce that the event main venue will be at:
Mission Hills Resort, Haikou

The 1st batch offical Hash hotel list is ready.`
For reservaton and booking :

The second batch of hotels will be online on the 23rd August and will include bookings for the Main Venue Hotel which will be Mission Hills. Thank you for your patience.
On on

Hainan interhash 2014 Committee

Interhash Bidders 2016 - Closing Date 31st January 2014

Dear interested bidders for Interhash 2016. We wish to inform that those who wish to bid for Interhash 2016, please submit your bid by this 31st January, 2014. The Interhash 2014 Committee will close the bid by this date. Kindly submit your bid urgently. Please submit your materials directly to Chairman, Interhash 2014 directly at

On On

Interhash 2014 Committee.


Dear Hasher:

Please note that
is the only officially appointed travel agency authorized to handle the Hash Hotel room reservation and Tour arrangement services. They are the agency we choose after an extensive review of the agencies available to us here in Hainan. They will offer the best options available for hashers in Haikou and also throughout Hainan should you wish to do any travelling outside Interhash 2014.
On on

Hainan interhash 2014 Committee

17thJuly 2013


The Guangzhou Hash invites all Hash world travelers to meet the Guangzhou pack. Join our prelude runs to the Interhash 2014.


Guangzhou is at the heart of the buzzing Pearl River Delta, just two hours away from Hong Kong. Although it is renowned as the work bench of the world Guangzhou offers much more than just factories.

See the rugged beauty of Guangzhou’s countryside:
Saturday, 8th of March 2014
Meet at the Gold Mango Bar (click here for directions) @ 12.30. The bus ride will take about 40 minutes.
The run fee of 200 RMB includes drinks and transportation as well as a delicious dinner and a T-shirt designed by Papasan, the rising star in the global community of Hash shirt designers.
We’ll have three runs, a relatively short walk, a decent sized run and a ball buster.

Get over your hangover – again in mountaineous Guangzhou:
Sunday, 9th of March 2014
Meet at the Gold Mango Bar @ 1.30. Run fee is 80 RMB which includes the transportation and the drinks. Dinner is optional and the costs will be shared by whoever joins it.
There will be two runs only. We’ll skip the ball buster.

Experience the morbid charm of Olde Guangzhou:
Monday, 10th of March 2014
Meet at Huangsha Station (Metro Line 1), Exit D @ 7 PM and run to a restaurant. The run is free but we will of course split the dinner equally. Experience shows that this will cost about 60 to 70 RMB per person.

Please make reservations for all three events, but especially for the Saturday and the Sunday runs. Only a reservation secures your seat on the bus and the hash shirt, and makes sure you get information about any last minute changes that might occur. Simply send an e-mail to and give us the following information: name, hash name, mother hash, age, and which runs or walks you want to be on. Please also let us know whether you are holding position as GM or RA or anything alike on your mother hash.

There is no Guangzhou Fair during that time, so there will be plenty of hotel rooms available. We will talk to some hotels near the Gold Mango Bar to see whether we can get you some special rates. Links will follow on this site.

Click here for the Picture Gallery of the GZH3

Getting on on to the INTERHASH 2014 in Haikou:
The most scenic option is the 10 hours train/ferry ride to Haikou. But of course you can also fly which shortens the trip to two hours.

On On,
GZH3 mismanagement team

Disclaimer: China and hashing can be dangerous activities.  The organizers of the Guangzhou Hash accept no liability for anything that happens before, during or after the Hash.

Dear All Hasher: 

We received an email from a concerned Hasher the other day. TheOverseas Hasher wanted 
some  updates  on  what  arrangements  we  have  made  for  the  Interhash  2014.  As  it  is  a  question many of you may be asking yourselves we have decided to put the reply on the 
website. And  now  we  delegate Mr.  Chris  Ennis  (  Dog’s  Balls  ) 
email: to handle all enquiries from the English speaking world 
regarding the Interhash. Please feel free to contact him directly if you need any information 
and we will do our best to help you. 

Hainan interhash 2014 committee 

The enquiries email as follow: 

Hello to the grandmaster of interhash 2014. 
We need some more information on your web site for interhash. There has been NO new 
information on it for months. Are you still working on it how about the hotels the venue site 
come on give us some news. We want to book our hotel and trips. 

Our reply as follow: 
Dear Hasher 
We did put an update on our website recently where we talk about what we are doing  
regarding accommodation and other matters as well.  
First of all we have to tell you that all the arrangements for our activities including runs, 
party  sites  and  all  other  aspects  of  the  Interhash  have  to  be  approved  by  the  local 
government here in Hainan. We have been told that by the end of this week all aspects 
involving the government will be signed off on. Of course we have conversations with the 
hotels and know which ones we want to use and all other aspects are all in place. However, 
until we get the green light from the government we are not in a position to go public on  

these aspects. This is the way things happen in China. There is no difficulty with it but we 
have to be patient.  

We fully appreciate that people want to make plans for the trip. We are advanced on all 
these matters and should be able to go live on our plans in the very near future.  

For activities other than hashing we are planning to use many local tour groups. Exactly how 
many we need will be determined by the demand for extra activities.  

We have lived in Hainan for many years( myself since 2002) and we know how the system 
works.  I  can  fully  appreciate  that  people  outside  China  can  get  frustrated  by  the  slow 
process sometimes . But it is always ok in the end. The government in Hainan is very anxious 
for  this  activity  to  be  a  great  success.  The  government  of  Hainan  declared  Hainan  an  International Tourist destination a few years ago but as they know little about developing 
tourism very little progress has been made in attracting International tourists other than 
people of Chinese origin mainly in various places in Asia. So this event they are hoping will 
kickstart their plans to attract non‐Chinese true International tourists.  

So  ,  please  bear  with  us  as  we  put  the  final  pieces  of  the  jigsaw  puzzle  together.  Rest assured  that we are moving ahead with great urgency but await the final approval from the local government. 

As you have raised this with us I am sure you will not mind if I put your email and my reply 
on  the  website  because  I  am  sure  you  are  not  the  only  one  waiting  for  the  relevant 
information so that you can make plans. 

respectfully yours 
Hainan interhash 2014 committee 

On On 


Update for Hainan Interhash 2014.

The Hainan Interhash has been busy making preparations for the next Interhash to be held here in Hainan. We have not been idle but working hard to make sure that this First Interhash in China is a great success.
So here we give you an update on what we have been doing,

Interhash Run Sites

The committee has identified a number of suitable run sites. We have been hashing in Hainan for many years and we know the kind of sites which will be suitable for large groups of hashers. The runs will be organized along the usual lines from strolling “runs” to Ballbreaking runs. In other words something for everyone.  All runs will be organized so that the time taken from Main venue to Run Site will be between 45 minutes and 90 minutes. The road transport system in Hainan  is top class as the Government has been spending a lot of money preparing the Island for its International Tourism status. Getting around the island to the various run sites will be a real pleasure as you will be  transported through the countryside on modern tour coaches. At the moment we are planning on 15 run sites but this number may grow as more and more hashers register for the event.


WE are currently negotiating with 10 hotels ( 4 and 5 star) within the Haikou area.  When we have completed this process we will put the names of the hotels and their rates online so that the visiting hashers can make their accommodation arrangements. Some hotels , such as, Mission Hills have golf courses and hashers who wish to play golf might find this to their liking. Others have Spa resorts and the kind of facilities you would expect in  4 and 5 star hotels. In this way the hashers can a wonderful holiday experience along with the hashing event.

Main Venue

At the moment we have identified two sites which would be suitable for a large group where we can have our activities. We cannot tell you yet which of these two sites will be selected as the local government needs to approve the site. When the government has told us which one we can use then we will update you with the details. The final decision is out of our hands but both of them are eminently suitable.

Registration Update

So far we have had almost 4,000 hashers registering for Interhash 2014 from 35 different countries. From New Zealand in the East  to America in the West. We will make it an unforgettable hash for one and all.


Non Interhash Activities

We are sure that many hashers will want to make this a trip for more than just the Interhash. In fact many hashers have asked us if we could arrange some holiday events for them. To this end we are arranging for up to 20 local tour guides to offer packages to our hashers. Hainan has so many diverse tourist activities that we are sure that everyone can find something  to interest them.



The committee of interhash 2012 represented by Organising Chairman  King Kong with Committee members Awie, and Fantoni visited Hainan on 15th November  and handed over the InterhashStartup fund of US$ 25,000.00 to the Interhash2014 committee.

Our work for Interhash 2014 has already begun and we are preparing to make more announcements soon.

On on

28th September 2012

Dear Hasher:

Effective from the 1st Oct 2012 all registration payments will only be through our Paypal account. The amount payable for one person is US$154.50 which comprises $150.00 registration and $4.50 Paypal fee. Our Paypal account is as follows:

Paypal account:


8th August 2012

Dear Hasher:

Beer and Hashing have been connected from the very beginning. Deciding which beer to name as our Hainan Interhash 2014 sponsor is our most important task.

Beer has a long history in China. At Hainan Interhash 2014, we have been performing our own in-depth research on the fine beers in China and at the moment are having great difficulty thinking much less making a decision so we have decided to put it to a vote.

What matters most to you? Name brand? Local brewery? Alcohol content?

To cast your vote for the brew of your choice, please click here:

On On!   Cheer !

25th July 2012

Hainan Interhash Newsletter

 The 3rd annual Hainan Hash Union was held on July 7, 2012. More than 100 hashers from all over Hainan arrived with their families at the Happy Farm Resort located outside of Hainan's capital city, Haikou. This year's event was sponsored by the Haikou 98Hash kennel who did a very good job making certain there was plenty of cold beer, exhausting trails and delicious food. Hashers had the option of staying over in the beautiful hotel and western style villas.

 There were two trails to choose from, a 4km and 8+km. Each had its own challenges which included beautiful vistas, muddy slopes, thorny paths, leeches and volcanic rocks. Hainan Hashers are used to these things and never let a few leeches get between them and the cold beer waiting for them at the end of the trail! The hares laid interesting trails which included a break stop in the ancient ShiShan village which is entirely constructed of volcanic rocks.

Participating kennels: Haikou Hash, FHM, Sanya Hash, Qionghai Hash and 98Hash

              More Pic>>







18th July 2012

Dear Hasher:

We realise our job to host INTERHASH 2014 will not be an easy one especially after the fantastic Interhash 2012 in Indonesia which has inspired us to show the world a great hash weekend in South China Paradise Island of Hainan.

We will ensure that the hash basics are not forgotten and we will strive to give participants the opportunity to enjoy the local hospitality and culture. It has been our hope that this Interhash being held in China for the first time will stimulate the growth of hashing especially among the local Chinese in China. We will go back to hash basics with a Chinese flavour.

We will announce the details after we have completed our discussion with the local Government and sponsors.

Hainan Interhash 2014 Committee